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Rarely have we spent time in an area so beautiful and remote as the Pù Luông Nature Reserve. In fact, in terms of sheer beauty and remoteness, I’m pretty sure this place tops the list. We took hundreds of photographs during our two days here, and could have taken hundreds more.

Pù Luông

Everywhere you turn in Pù Luông, it’s nearly guaranteed that you’ll encounter a scene worthy of a picture. And the longer you look, the more charming it becomes. Look at that river coursing through the valley. Oh, and there’s a watermill! Oh, and a woman bathing in front of it! Look at this stilt-house. And all the children in the upper window waving at us! And the old woman in the colorful shawl spitting betel juice!

We spent a long time at a shack where an entire family was engaged in the production of bamboo chopsticks. Mom was stacking up broken bamboo pieces for Son, who was feeding them into the machine. Grandma was taking out the finished chopsticks and shoving them into tightly-packed bundles, while Dad wandered about, monitoring everyone and helping where needed.

The chopstick family was friendly, and that actually goes for all of the people we encountered during our two days in Pù Luông, without a single exception. Nobody could speak any English, but they were all hospitable and patient with our questions. They would invite us to sit down for tea, walk with us to show us the correct path, or even offer the use of their hammocks. And we were always greeted with the biggest of smiles.

It was only two days, but our time in Pù Luông left a huge impression upon us, and I doubt we’ll ever forget it. The park is not easy to reach, but if you’re looking for an authentic experience which hasn’t yet landed on the tourism radar, it’s certainly worth the effort.

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