A Downtown Waterfall in Tam Đảo

We had already finished with Tam Đảo, and were actually on the way back to our hotel to pack up, when we walked right past the entrance to the Thác Bạc waterfall. Oh, that’s right! The town’s most popular attraction, and we had almost forgotten about it entirely. Looks like we weren’t finished with Tam Đảo quite yet…


If it hadn’t been for the large number of people passing through the gate to the Thác Bạc waterfall, we’d have walked right by. But we followed the crowds down a steep flight of stairs, passing restaurants and shops along the way, including one that had a cage full of small, gerbil- or mole-like creatures we’d never seen before. (Were they pets? Lunch? We had no idea. Check out the video, and let us know!)

Tam Dao Waterfall

Soon enough, we arrived at the cascades. Tall and narrow, with a faint odor of sewage, Thác Bạc isn’t the most impressive waterfall you’ll ever see, but neither is it a total slouch. It’s very popular with the locals, and apparently the perfect place for selfies. I don’t think it’s culturally insensitive to note that the Vietnamese are among the most selfie-obsessed people we’ve ever seen, and we had a blast watching them get wet in search of the perfect angles.

Thác Bạc is worth seeing just because it exists. The entrance right downtown, near the Mela Hotel, so if you’re already in Tam Đảo, you might as well hunt it down.

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Tam Dao Waterfall

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