Tam Dao

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A Downtown Waterfall in Tam Đảo

We had already finished with Tam Đảo, and were actually on the way back to our hotel to pack up, when we walked right past the entrance to the Thác Bạc waterfall. Oh, that’s right! The town’s most popular attraction, and we had almost forgotten about it entirely. Looks like we weren’t finished with Tam Đảo quite yet…

A Walk Through Bamboo Forests to Tam Đảo’s Mountain and Temple

The best (and only?) reason to visit a place like Tam Đảo is the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Get some exercise, breathe fresh air, and shrug off the stress of the big city. To this end, we took a walk through a bamboo forest along a challenging path, and also visited the town’s main temple.

A Trip to Tam Đảo

Founded by the French in 1907 as a retreat from the summer heat of Hanoi, the little town of Tam Đảo is found high in the hills, near a national park which shares its name. Today, it’s a popular place for Hanoians to cool off and enjoy some nature. We decided to hop on a bus, and spend the night in town.